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Hello, Bay Area!

I am a full stack software engineer whose life takes place primarily in the Bay Area. At work, I solve problems with my logical brain and bring people together with my emotional brain. At home, I make delicious food and beautiful music using my creative brain and take care of my son and our cat with all my heart.

Most recently, I co-created Conclave, a collaborative peer-to-peer text editor that runs in the browser. It utilizes a WebRTC data connection to make it secure and private and a Conflict-free Replicated Data Type built from scratch in JavaScript to make it consistent and available for upwards of a dozen concurrent users. Check out the live web app and find more information here!

All my projects, including Conclave are open source on Github.

You can read my blog posts on Medium.

You can view and download my resume here.

Feel free to contact me directly!